Building with Mud: Workshop in February 2014

Hi folks,

Want to learn how to build with mud? Here’s your chance. I’ve just locked in a 6-day mud building workshop for February next year, out at the developing ecovillage project I’m involved in, near Moe, Victoria. The workshop is being run by the amazingly talented and creative Kate, from the Mudmob Natural Building Collective. She’s just the best, and has constructed many a fine mud house in her time, as well as various other muddy works of art.

There are limited spaces, so if you’re interested in being involved, don’t hesitate to contact Kate via the email address in the poster below, where more details are available.  It’s gonna be fun! We’re going to build something resembling the ‘pod’ in the centre of the poster.

Also, don’t forget that there is the Coburg Farmers’ Market this Saturday. Support our local farmers!

Moe cob workshop poster copy-2

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Moreland Community Gardens Tour – 23rd Nov

Hi folks, there is a Moreland Community Gardens Tour this Saturday, 23rd November, from 11am-3pm. For those interested and available, here’s the timetable:

  • 11am Luscombe St CG East Brunswick
  • 11.45am Merri Corner CG East Brunswick
  • 12.30pm PepperTree Place Coburg (BYO Lunch)
  • 1.30pm West Brunswick CG
  • 2.15pm Mulberry Garden Glenroy

For more information, see here, where you’ll find an email address to RSVP.

That link also lists five top reasons for why community gardens are great:

1. To bring people together.

2. To hold on to Moreland’s character and gardening knowledge.

3. To provide somewhere where people can do some physical activity, relax and enjoy themselves

4. To encourage sustainable gardening

5. To make it easy for people to get hold of healthy locally grown food

cheers – more soon!

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Transition Convergence – Saturday 16th Nov

Hi folks,

Two brief but exciting things to note.

First, Nat and Sallyrose are organising a new year’s garden party on 4 January 2014 to celebrate what Transition Coburg has achieved so far, to welcome new folks to the transition party, and generally to throw ideas around for what our aims and projects are for 2014. Keep the date free – more details to come.

Secondly, everyone involved or interested in ‘transition initiatives’ around Melbourne and Victoria is invited to a Transition Convergence gathering this Saturday, 16 November, 10am-4pm at the Multicultural Hub, 506 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne (opposite Victoria Market). The organisers say the purpose of the gathering is to (re)connect transition initiatives, make new friends, share stories, learn from each others’ trials and tribulations, etc. Should be a very worthwhile time. Come along. (Melbourne people are asked to bring a plate to share).

To RSVP, please email Janet Down at

If anyone wants to catch up beforehand and tram down together (including and especially those of you who have never been to a transition meeting before!), please respond to this email and we can arrange a rendezvous. No time like the present to get amongst it.

more soon…



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Peppertree Place – Spring Fiesta (9 Nov)

Greetings all,

Peppertree Place (cnr Sydney Road / Bell St) is holding its annual Spring Fiesta again, this Saturday, 9 November, from 10am-4pm. It was a blast last year, so head on down and support the wonderful paradise that is Peppertree Place. More details below:

The annual Fiesta is a chance for community to enjoy its local garden in full bloom with a popup cafe, veg and meat barbeque to keep people fed and watered.

Free entertainment on stage as well as workshops for adults and kids throughout the day include the Fabulous Zucchini Clan (pictured), The Night Before Tomorrow, the Tarentella School of Dance, Vardos, The Black Harrys and local Coburg choirs.

Free workshops on Growing Summer Bumper Crops by Diana Cotter; Unusual Edibles by Chris Williams, Zero Waste Challenge by Tammy Sherer, Successful worm farming by Worm Lovers – Richard Thomas and the science of composting with Matthew Daniel.

Visitors will have the chance to explore the community nursery and buy affordable plants and spring vegie seedlings, check out the chooks and take part in a number of kids’ activities throughout the day.


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What to help build an Earthship?

Earthship Workshop in December (Victoria, Australia)

Hey transitioners, a couple of months ago I wrote about the ecovillage project that I am involved in, a project that is based on the vision of radical simplicity expressed in Entropia. I am very excited to announce that our first build for the ecovillage is going to be an Earthship-inspired ‘mini-ship’, taking place this December in Victoria, Australia. Want to be involved? Read on! 

Earthships and other natural building methods are capturing the world’s imagination. Earthships Australia – a group of highly skilled and experienced Earthship builders – is offering an Earthship-inspired workshop this December in Victoria, Australia. Applications have just opened, so if you want to be a part of this exciting adventure, inspired by Earthship Biotecture, here’s your chance! No experience necessary.

This workshop will teach you practical skills, such as building with natural and recycled materials, including bottle and can walls, and you’ll also learn about thermal/solar heating and cooling, and natural plastering. You will be learning from a team of facilitators who have built many Earthships between them. There’ll be some hard work involved, but it’ll be mighty good fun, and the end product promises to be something special.

This workshop will be based on the ‘mini-ship’ Earthship model (see photo), which is one of the smaller models, ideal for demonstration and teaching purposes.

Screen shot 2013-10-25 at 9.49.06 AM


When and Where

The build is going to take place over seven days from December 7 – December 13. This should be enough time to complete the build, or get very close.

The build is going to take place on a property just outside of Moe, Victoria, about 1hr 30mins from Melbourne by car. It is also along a regular train line. Participants are expected to arrange their own transport. The exact location of the build will be provided in due course.


The seven-day workshop will cost $300 per person (which includes three meals per day). These fees go toward paying the facilitators, sourcing the building materials, and providing food. All food will be vegetarian, however we will not have the resources to accommodate special dietary requirements. Limited concession positions available.

Accommodation and facilities

All participants will be camping for the duration of the workshop. You’re expected to bring all your own camping materials. Basic facilities, including drinking water, solar showers, and composting toilets, will be available on the property.   


In other builds like this, there have been more applicants than there have been spaces, so some selection process will probably be required. Everyone interested in being part of this build is asked to fill in the application form linked below. The applications will be assessed and outcomes will be confirmed by 7 November.

If you are interested in applying for this workshop, please click here. Spaces are limited, so don’t hesitate.

Hope some of you can make it!




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Mellow Music in the Park

Robinson’s Reserve Neighbourhood House (104a Reynard Street, Coburg) is running its Mellow Music in the Park again this year, and its taking place this Saturday, 19 October, 11am-4pm. It’s forecast to be a beautiful day, details below:

After the success of last year’s ‘Mellow Music in the Park’, a free music event held in the Robinson Reserve, we can’t wait for this year’s event. It’s going to be 28 degrees, so we’re looking forward to another beautiful day of music in the sunshine. All the music will be played by local artists as usual – a mix of some of last year’s faces, and some newbies as well.

Bring along a picnic basket, a chair, and whatever else you need to enjoy the day!

For a great collection of photos from last year’s event, have a look at our Mellow Music photo album on our facebook page.

The music will be running between 11am and 4pm, while our AGM is taking place at 1pm. All are welcome to attend the AGM, though only current House Members who have held their membership for longer than four months are eligible to vote in the election of our new Committee of Management.

Please join us to celebrate another year together. Hope to see you there!


Robinson Reserve Neighbourhood House Team.

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Traffic on Munro Street – Meeting with Councillor

Here is a posting from Eleisha Mullane, who has organised a meeting with Councillor Lenka Thompson to discuss traffic issues on Munro Street. Interested parties are invited to attend – details below:

Hi there,
I am hosting a meeting with Councillor Lenka Thompson next Saturday 12th October to discuss an approach we could make  to Moreland Council about better traffic management on Munro st in Coburg.  I wanted to send an invite to Transition Coburg members and invite them along.
Our concern is that people use it as an alternative to Bell st and apparently by councils own admission the average or top speed is 65km per hour.
Whilst we understand it will be a busy road and there is a bus route on it, we are hoping to discuss with Lenka some options of what we could ask council to do to help reduce speed.
The meeting will be at my place [address removed], Coburg at 3pm on Saturday 12th Oct.
If people want to discuss it further they can email me or call on [number removed], but if it is possible to pass my email onto members that would be great. If you can’t make it, but would like to offer thoughts comments, please email me [email removed].
Eleisha Mullane
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Lets talk about LETS (Local Energy Transfer System)

Hi Everyone,

The Transition Coburg events at the Farmers’ Market in the weekend were a great success. A big crowd gathered to hear the local candidates talk about their views on sustainability and food, and the garden bed and compost workshops were a success. Some photos below.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that a group had gathered for a preliminary meeting about the possibility of setting up a LETS in Coburg. For those who are unfamiliar with this term, it stands for Local Exchange Transfer System (or Local Energy Transfer System). Basically, the idea is that we try to facilitate the sharing of existing goods and services – an organised barter system – for the local community. Before jumping in head first, however, it seems prudent to flesh out the vision of such a system, and discuss whether it is suitable / feasible for Coburg or Moreland.

To that end, we’ve organised a visioning session this Sunday, 1 September, at 2pm, at Robinsons’ Reserve Neighbourhood, on Reynard Street. You’re welcome to bring a plate to share, but absolutely not necessary.

If you’re interested in this project, please come along and share your ideas. It would be great to have a good discussion about this before we move forward.

Hope to see some of you there on Sunday. Everyone’s welcome.









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Events Update

Hi everyone, here are some more details on upcoming events.

First of all, there are several events taking place at the Coburg Farmers Market on 24 August.

First, Nat has organised for three local politicians to speak, asking them to “present their opinion and policies on food security, food sovereignty, and agriculture.” They are Kelvin Thomson, ALP member for Wills; Tim Read, Greens candidate for Wills; and Shilpa Hedge, Liberal candidate for Wills, and they’ll be speaking from around 10.30am. If you would like to propose questions, please reply to this email / post and I’ll forward them to Nat.

Secondly, Transition Coburg is also running a garden bed building workshop, based on the method outlined here. I’ve put my hand up to lead the workshop, but it would be great if others were able to lend a hand. Again, please respond to this email if you’d like to help build the garden beds on the day. The plan is to build a couple of beds early in the morning (say, from 7.30am), and have flyers to give people who are interested in building beds in their own property or nature strips.

Thirdly, Professor Compost (aka, Aaron) is going to be doing a compost workshop throughout the day, offering free advice to all those who are interested in developing great compost.

Finally, there is a Wills Candidate Community Forum being held on 19 August at 7pm, in the Coburg Concert Hall, 90 Bell Street. Details here: TLCAM001_Climate Forum A4-1 and flyers available here.

Ok that’s all for now. There’ll be another update soon – bring on Spring!


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Garden bed workshop / LETS / Coburgablitz

Hi Folks,

It’s been a quiet few weeks, but things have been bubbling under the surface. I’ll post more info soon, but wanted to make a note of the following things:

(1) Looks like there’ll be a Transition Coburg Garden Bed Building workshop on 24 August at the Coburg Farmers Market.

(2) There are a few people wanting to explore the possibility of establishing a LETS (Local Exchange Trading System) in Coburg. We’re tentatively planning a discussion afternoon shortly, and possibly showing a film on a related theme.

(3) With the first half of winter behind us, we should start thinking about preparing our gardens for spring planting. Perhaps we should aim to get a couple more Coburgablitz’s under our belts before spring? Anybody got a backyard that needs blitzing? (For those people unfamiliar with a Coburgablitz, the basic idea is that we try to gather a bunch of people together turn someone’s back yard (and front yard?) into a food producing oasis. The owners supply the wood, plants, etc. and perhaps a bowl of soup, and Transition Coburg supplies as much free labour as we can muster).

More details on these projects soon,

Hope you’re all well,


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