Words of Support for Transition Coburg from Rob Hopkins

We have just received this personal message of support from founder of the Transition Movement, Rob Hopkins.

“It’s a huge delight to hear about the emergence of Transition Coburg. Your efforts join a now-global movement, active in 34 countries around the world, exploring the practicalities of a post-growth, lower energy world, in a way that is rapt by its possibilities, entranced by its potential and inspired by the likelihood that it might just meet our needs better than how we are doing things today. As you embark on doing Transition in the place that you love, your initial focus will be on starting your group, making sure it develops good ways of working together, and getting some practical projects under your belt. It would be very helpful though to keep a focus on where it all goes, ultimately towards the localisation of your community, with a vibrant range of new enterprises and new infrastructure. That journey is set out in ‘The Transition Companion’ which we just published, which identifies many of the ‘ingredients’ you will assemble your initiative from.

It will hopefully be a process that will be fun, creative and playful, and which will constantly surprise you. Let us know how we in Transition Network can help, but take it, shape it, make it your own, innovate and share your experiences.. We look forward to hearing how the story unfolds. Best of luck!


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