Moreland Community Gardens Tour – 23rd Nov

Hi folks, there is a Moreland Community Gardens Tour this Saturday, 23rd November, from 11am-3pm. For those interested and available, here’s the timetable:

  • 11am Luscombe St CG East Brunswick
  • 11.45am Merri Corner CG East Brunswick
  • 12.30pm PepperTree Place Coburg (BYO¬†Lunch)
  • 1.30pm West Brunswick CG
  • 2.15pm Mulberry Garden Glenroy

For more information, see here, where you’ll find an email address to RSVP.

That link also lists five top reasons for why community gardens are great:

1. To bring people together.

2. To hold on to Moreland’s character and gardening knowledge.

3. To provide somewhere where people can do some physical activity, relax and enjoy themselves

4. To encourage sustainable gardening

5. To make it easy for people to get hold of healthy locally grown food

cheers – more soon!

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