Traffic on Munro Street – Meeting with Councillor

Here is a posting from Eleisha Mullane, who has organised a meeting with Councillor Lenka Thompson to discuss traffic issues on Munro Street. Interested parties are invited to attend – details below:

Hi there,
I am hosting a meeting with Councillor Lenka Thompson next Saturday 12th October to discuss an approach we could make  to Moreland Council about better traffic management on Munro st in Coburg.  I wanted to send an invite to Transition Coburg members and invite them along.
Our concern is that people use it as an alternative to Bell st and apparently by councils own admission the average or top speed is 65km per hour.
Whilst we understand it will be a busy road and there is a bus route on it, we are hoping to discuss with Lenka some options of what we could ask council to do to help reduce speed.
The meeting will be at my place [address removed], Coburg at 3pm on Saturday 12th Oct.
If people want to discuss it further they can email me or call on [number removed], but if it is possible to pass my email onto members that would be great. If you can’t make it, but would like to offer thoughts comments, please email me [email removed].
Eleisha Mullane
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