Lets talk about LETS (Local Energy Transfer System)

Hi Everyone,

The Transition Coburg events at the Farmers’ Market in the weekend were a great success. A big crowd gathered to hear the local candidates talk about their views on sustainability and food, and the garden bed and compost workshops were a success. Some photos below.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that a group had gathered for a preliminary meeting about the possibility of setting up a LETS in Coburg. For those who are unfamiliar with this term, it stands for Local Exchange Transfer System (or Local Energy Transfer System). Basically, the idea is that we try to facilitate the sharing of existing goods and services – an organised barter system – for the local community. Before jumping in head first, however, it seems prudent to flesh out the vision of such a system, and discuss whether it is suitable / feasible for Coburg or Moreland.

To that end, we’ve organised a visioning session this Sunday, 1 September, at 2pm, at Robinsons’ Reserve Neighbourhood, on Reynard Street. You’re welcome to bring a plate to share, but absolutely not necessary.

If you’re interested in this project, please come along and share your ideas. It would be great to have a good discussion about this before we move forward.

Hope to see some of you there on Sunday. Everyone’s welcome.









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