Events Update

Hi everyone, here are some more details on upcoming events.

First of all, there are several events taking place at the Coburg Farmers Market on 24 August.

First, Nat has organised for three local politicians to speak, asking them to “present their opinion and policies on food security, food sovereignty, and agriculture.” They are Kelvin Thomson, ALP member for Wills; Tim Read, Greens candidate for Wills; and Shilpa Hedge, Liberal candidate for Wills, and they’ll be speaking from around 10.30am. If you would like to propose questions, please reply to this email / post and I’ll forward them to Nat.

Secondly, Transition Coburg is also running a garden bed building workshop, based on the method outlined here. I’ve put my hand up to lead the workshop, but it would be great if others were able to lend a hand. Again, please respond to this email if you’d like to help build the garden beds on the day. The plan is to build a couple of beds early in the morning (say, from 7.30am), and have flyers to give people who are interested in building beds in their own property or nature strips.

Thirdly, Professor Compost (aka, Aaron) is going to be doing a compost workshop throughout the day, offering free advice to all those who are interested in developing great compost.

Finally, there is a Wills Candidate Community Forum being held on 19 August at 7pm, in the Coburg Concert Hall, 90 Bell Street. Details here: TLCAM001_Climate Forum A4-1 and flyers available here.

Ok that’s all for now. There’ll be another update soon – bring on Spring!


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