Garden bed workshop / LETS / Coburgablitz

Hi Folks,

It’s been a quiet few weeks, but things have been bubbling under the surface. I’ll post more info soon, but wanted to make a note of the following things:

(1) Looks like there’ll be a Transition Coburg Garden Bed Building workshop on 24 August at the Coburg Farmers Market.

(2) There are a few people wanting to explore the possibility of establishing a LETS (Local Exchange Trading System) in Coburg. We’re tentatively planning a discussion afternoon shortly, and possibly showing a film on a related theme.

(3) With the first half of winter behind us, we should start thinking about preparing our gardens for spring planting. Perhaps we should aim to get a couple more Coburgablitz’s under our belts before spring? Anybody got a backyard that needs blitzing? (For those people unfamiliar with a Coburgablitz, the basic idea is that we try to gather a bunch of people together turn someone’s back yard (and front yard?) into a food producing oasis. The owners supply the wood, plants, etc. and perhaps a bowl of soup, and Transition Coburg supplies as much free labour as we can muster).

More details on these projects soon,

Hope you’re all well,


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One Response to Garden bed workshop / LETS / Coburgablitz

  1. Rhonda says:

    We have a front yard which leave a lot to be desired. We’ve just started landscaping with a lawn and some native trees/shrubs around the edge, and had planned to turn the other side into vege garden boxes (and a sandpit!). If you’re still looking for a venue to Coburgablitz, we’d love to have you.

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