Notes from our First Meeting

Transition Coburg had its first meeting late last year. Some notes from the meeting at posted below. Nothing formal, just some food for thought. If you have any other ideas, please post your comments.

Four of the central aspects of Transition Initiatives seem to be: (1) Education – provide free community education about challenges such as peak oil, climate change, consumerism / simple living, poverty, etc. (2) Community – need to bring people together to tackle these problems collectively, rather than trying to tackle them alone or waiting for government; (3) Food – need to relocalise food production / consumption; (4) Energy – need to transition to post-carbon economy by moving to renewable energy and relocalising economy wherever possible.

One of the first things we need to do is get as many people involved as possible.

• Firstly, this might involve contacting all groups in Coburg / Moreland that are already involved in Transition related things (e.g. food swaps, garden centres, Moreland Energy Foundation, Ceres, other Transition groups, Aussie’s Living Simply, etc.).

• Secondly, it might involve organising some community event, such as a film night. This will require finding a venue (perhaps the Robinson’s Reserve community house), a suitable tool for showing a film (projector), and putting posters up / mail drop.

Once we have a community, we can start thinking about other things, including:

•More film nights: this could be a good way to bring people together and provide free education. There are heaps of great films out there on Transition related matters (peak oil / permaculture / consumerism / transition etc).

• Perhaps get some key speaker to launch Transition Coburg (e.g. David Holgrem).
• Try to get regular access to some venue where the community could meet / watch films – again, perhaps the Robinson’s Reserve house.
• Promote the Sharehood in Coburg. Promote sharing rather than consumption.
• Get involved in the community garden project already underway.
• Get involved in the community garden / food forest already in existence.
• Guerrilla gardening – survey neighbourhood for good spots.
• Fruit trees: approach people about fruit trees in their nature strips. This might need to involve approaching nurseries to get cheap trees, or growing our own.
• Think about supplying Coburg with Ceres food baskets;
• Skill shares: bike maintenance; persevering; tree pruning; sewing, beer brewing, keeping bees / chickens / goats; composting; building planter boxes; whatever.
• Establish a LETS / barter system.
• More food swaps / bigger food swaps;
• Approach council when necessary
• Think about what institutional form Transition Coburg should be (e.g. charity, NGO, something else?).
• Do some auditing of community to see where we can relocalize production
• Try to get a several Flexicars in Coburg.
• Search for funding opportunities
• Other ideas?

Longer-term goals:

• Local energy initiatives (e.g. Hepburn Wind; solar farm, etc.).
• Alternative banking systems (e.g. credit unions)
• Establish co-operatives (food, energy, clothing, etc)

JUST SOME IDEAS TO GET THE BALL ROLLING… Please post some comments if you have other ideas…

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