Transition Coburg: A Year in Review

Hi everyone, wishing a happy new year to you all. There’s been talk of catching up soon for a meal and a ‘visioning session’ for 2013, but the details are still being sorted out. More on that in a few days.

With Transition Coburg now one year old, the beginning of this New Year seems like a good time to take a moment to reflect on our achievements to date. We had our first formal meeting (which wasn’t particularly formal) just over 12 months ago, and were delighted when Rob Hopkins sent us a personal message of support. We did lots of brainstorming in the first meeting and it’s fantastic to have seen so many of those ideas come to fruition.

Here are the highlights:

Best of all, we’ve been the driving force behind establishing a Coburg Farmers Market, which is expected to get underway in February this year.

We’ve located and promoted a suppler of local, organic food, called “Local Organics.”

We got together for a Coburgablitz – here’s hoping there’s many more backyard (and front yard) revolutions year.

Some of our members are actively involved in our local Community Solar Project.

There’s been a submission made to the City of Moreland advocating more gardening in nature strips, and there’s even been some Guerrilla Gardening.

We’ve begun asset mapping Coburg.

We’ve shared inspiring stories and we showed “The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil” at Coburg library, and later showed the film “Transition 2.0”.

We participated in the Greening Moreland Forum.

We promoted and some of us attended David Holmgren’s talk “Retrofitting the Suburbs” (a similar talk is available online here and his essay on the subject is freely available here).

We shared information on how to live more simply and use less energy and resources: The Simpler Way: A Practical Action Plan.

We held a visioning Day and Potluck Lunch.

We connected with Peppertree Place community garden, and had a Transition Coburg stall at Peppertree Place Annual Garden Fiesta, where Sallyrose gave a great talk about the Community Solar Project.

We offered a free tree Pruning and Compost Workshop.

We offered one answer to the question: “What is a Transition Town?”

We helped out with a Community Garden and Food Forest Working Bee

We organised for Adam Grubb, founder of the Energy Bulletin, to give a permaculture talk at Peppertree Place.

We helped promote and attended Mellow Music in the Park.

We’ve handed flyers out at several markets or festivals in Coburg, and mail dropped a couple of thousands flyers too.

We’ve also created a Facebook page and twitter account so that we can keep in touch online when we can’t make it to events.

Finally, we’ve collaborated with the Robinson’s Reserve Neighbourhood House in starting a “Makers and Menders” sewing class. More on this soon.

Most of these activities might seem small in isolation, but if we keep building on these types of things, and more people continue to get involved, then overtime we should be able to build a flourishing, inclusive, post-carbon economy from the grassroots up. Best of all, we can have a good time doing it! It will not always be easy, but nothing worth doing ever is.

Thanks to everyone who has made Transition Coburg’s first year so successful.

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