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Hi folks, just a quick note to bring to your attention a new way to get local, organic food – from a venture called “Local Organics.” I came across this food supplier on a poster while biking along the Upfield  bike path, and it looks great. (Just to be clear, I have no connection, financial or otherwise, with this business). Although based in Brunswick, they deliver to Coburg for a small fee (depending on where you are), or you can pick up your order from a ‘hub’ in Pascoe Vale South (no extra fee). For more information, see their website here and their contact information is here.

Globalised, industrial food production today is very carbon and pesticide intensive. If we are to transition to a post-carbon future, buying or producing local, organic food is one important piece in that complex puzzle. For those who cannot produce their own vegetables / fruit, Local Organics looks like a great supplier that deserves support.

So, if you have been looking for a supplier of local, organic food, check out Local Organics (and if you do order with them, please leave a comment below and tell us of your experience).

Finally, welcome to the new Transition Coburg subscribers who signed up at the Peppertree Place ‘Garden Fiesta’. And thanks to Ross and Claire for organising such an amazing and inspiring day.

More soon no doubt…

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2 Responses to Local Organics

  1. Anna Walton says:

    Hi everyone,
    I picked up my first Local Organics order last Thursday from the Pascoe Vale hub. I bought a small box for $35 and 2L of bath milk for $7.
    There was a decent amount and it was good quality. The kale had bug nibbles but I’d rather that than pesticides. I’ll be ordering from them again.
    Cheers Anna

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