Photos from Our First Coburgablitz!

Hi everyone,

Sunday’s first Coburgablitz was a resounding success! Thanks a million to everyone who came along. Trevor and Sallyrose, in particular, are incredibly grateful for all the hard work the team put in. Trevor writes: “I feel like in one day all the plans that Sallyrose and I had for the garden were fulfilled. Thank you so much guys and gals!!! We look forward to being involved in the other 999 blitzes!” That’s the spirit!

As the photos below show, there was a great transformation. We put in four new, no-dig beds – including one on the nature strip – and cleared several of the existing beds, preparing them for food production. The wood for the beds was recycled, having been sourced from the local salvage yard. With spring approaching fast, the potential of local food production has been greatly enhanced – and the entire process was a delight.

This, my friends, is what Transition Coburg is all about. Friendly folks coming together as a community and relocalising our economy for the good of all.¬†All great journey’s begin with small steps.



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2 Responses to Photos from Our First Coburgablitz!

  1. SallyRose says:

    Thanks , what a delight to work with such resourceful, knowlegable , skilled and loving people. I now know I am part of a community and I look forward to sharing more with YOU all !! Cheers from a humbled and greatful SallyRose.

  2. Brenneman A says:

    So sorry to have missed this, it looks like it went wonderfully.

    We should have another planing meeting soon?

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