Building a Post-Carbon World from the Grassroots Up

Greetings all,

We were gifted a beautiful morning at Peppertree Place on Saturday. It was great to see a good crowd down there to hear Adam Grubb from Very Edible Gardens give a fantastic talk on permaculture, which was full of wisdom and insight. Thanks to all those who came down. Special thanks to Ines for making a delicious hot, spiced, mandarin drink from her own tree to share with all, and for Nat and Helen for making a most excellent Transition Coburg banner (see below). As always, thanks are also due to the fine folks at Peppertree Place for having us.

There’ll be some more news soon, but for now I’ll just post the text from the ‘flyer’ that we distributed in the weekend:

Transition Coburg is an active community of people daring to dream large dreams. We believe that the best place to begin creating a vibrant, post-carbon world is right here among the grassroots of Coburg.

We are a group that is passionate about local food, renewable energy, learning new skills, sharing knowledge, and caring for each other and the environment. In these challenging times, communities need to come together and be the change they wish to see in the world.

We hope you’ll stay connected and get involved in some of our various projects, from creating a farmers market to community solar farms, and everything in between. This is your invitation. Let’s enjoy the adventure as we pioneer a new, simpler way of living beyond consumer culture. 

I look forward to seeing you all again soon,

caio for now,

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