Brief Report Back on Super Inspiring Afternoon

Hey folks,

It was a super inspiring afternoon on Sunday – great people, great ideas, great food! Thanks to all those who came along, especially Greg at Robinson’s Reserve Neighbourhood House for providing us with a home, and Mel for facilitating so effectively.

There was way too much content covered to attempt a thorough review right now, but below I’ve posted some notes that Aaron has kindly sent though which summarise some of the ‘where to now?’ ideas that came up in the final part of the discussion. I felt that we only scratched the surface of all the ideas people had for practical transition-related activities, so consider this merely an initial scoping of ideas that can be fleshed out, expanded, and developed in due course. The ideas seem to revolve around localising the economy and food production, promoting community, education, and renewable energy.

There were three concrete action items:

  • First, that we would all join the Sharehood in the next week. (Home page here, join and declare sharables here.)  For those who haven’t heard of the Sharehood, the website provides introduction information, but basically its a website that aims to make local sharing of assets, tools, information as easy as possible. Kind of like Facebook, but with a purpose. Doesn’t take long to sign up and it shows all kinds of promise.
  • Second, that someone would create a ‘google group’ to allow us to communicate more easily and quickly as a group via email. More on that soon.
  • Set up Twitter account. This has be actioned already – Thanks Nat! For those on Twitter, please follow @TTCoburg.

As well as those actions, there were many, many other ideas for us to develop soon, including:

  • A semi-permanent sharing table based at the community centre
  • Sunday swaps
  • Seek and promote alternative to supermarkets (Liz is getting that underway, which will then become a collaborative project – Thanks Liz!)
  • Carrot mobs – i.e. spend our money in places that deserve it
  • Bulk buying based at centre
  • Promote / attend food swaps
  • Develop the Transition Coburg asset map
  • Sunday roasts at Peppertree place in the communal pizza ove
  • Organise skillshare workshops – some based at centre, some that travel; Topics: Chooks, compost, pruning, website design, preserving, using social media
  • Permablitze Coburg
  • Reclaim the curb.
  • Look towards a springtime music event in the park.
  • Help with the Moreland Community Solar project (see previous post).
  • More film afternoons
  • Contact Moreland council and support nature strip gardening. Please let your voice be heard – won’t take long, even a brief email. See here for more information.
  • Meet again in a few weeks… more on that soon.

There are also lots of other practical ideas noted from an earlier meeting, which were posted here, including setting up LETS, other education events, promotions / exposure for Transition Coburg, etc.

There’ll be another post soon, as it would be good to keep building Sunday’s momentum flowing.

One final question: I’ve become aware that there are many community groups in Moreland that have been able to secure some funding. Is anyone in a position to spend some time seeking funding for Transition Coburg? I think we should make sure we can survive without funding, but obviously it would help support some of our projects. Please leave a comment if you could take on this role.

Onwards and upwards!



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7 Responses to Brief Report Back on Super Inspiring Afternoon

  1. helen says:

    thanks Sam! I’m already a member of the sharehood but this has reminded me that I shoud be more active.

  2. Ines says:

    While shopping for seeds today, I spoke to the owner of Bee Sustainable ( about transition coburg and if he’d be interested in participation, like putting something in his window, or giving a demo.

    He is very interested and sending him an e-mail to the next meeting would be great as he was keen and is contact with lots of like minded people.

  3. Admin says:

    Great stuff Ines, let’s all spread the word.

  4. Admin says:

    Good to hear Helen. Sharehood is one of things that works best when lots of people are active. It will be very interesting to see if we can develop a large Coburgian community that can share more and buy less.

  5. Brenneman A says:

    Hey all;

    I thought that (since now was a good time for garden planning) that we might do a walking compost school? A little bit of a house-to-house, perhaps like this
    * First all meet up at neighborhood house (NH) and fill out thermoses with some hot tea.
    * Next stop my place (right next door) and a quick primer on compost theory from whomever wants to give it
    * Then a house-to-house walk to whose-ever gardens are nearest, and we’ll talk about proper placement and such, translating the theory into practice as it were
    * Finishing at either my place again (or some other volunteer’) for a slice of cake.

    I’m also happy to prepare some inoculants for anyone who is either starting a new heap or wants to kick-start a slow one.


  6. Admin says:

    Hey Aaron,
    Thanks for this suggestion. We’ll be meeting at Peppertree place on Saturday 7th (post to come soon) from 10am to discuss plans. Hope to see you there to discuss this and other projects…

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