A Community Solar Project in Coburg / Moreland

Greetings all,

First of all, just a quick reminder that this Sunday 20 May, at 3.45 pm, at the Coburg library, we are screening the new film, Transition 2.0: A story of resilience and hope in extraordinary times. It would be super to see you for the film, and there will be a cup of tea and a causal discussion afterwards for those who’d like to stick around.

Now, what’s this about a community solar project in Coburg / Moreland? At the Greening Moreland Forum a couple of months ago, which was attended by Transition Coburg, there was an open discussion on the subject of community solar. Community solar can take various forms, but the basic idea refers to people coming together to buy 50 or 100 solar panels, or more, and placing them on the roof of some suitable local building. This array of panels would would then operate as a business which provides green energy to local businesses, schools, etc. Imagine we were able to create a number of our own green power stations all over Coburg?

In many ways this is a perfect example of what Transition is all about. When our governments aren’t doing anywhere near enough to address environmental problems, it is up to us, as members of our community, to take things into our own hands.

At the Greening Moreland Forum, there was a lot of enthusiasm for this idea, and a group of us decided to try to get things underway, led by Climate Action Moreland. This group has now had several meetings and things are moving quite quickly. We’ve got quotes, and last week we examined the Moreland area, including Coburg, for appropriate buildings to approach. It’s a great bunch of people, led by some very knowledgable folks. But you don’t have to be an expert to be useful. The more hands on deck the better.

If you would like to get involved in this exciting project, please email Ellen at climateactionmoreland@gmail.com and ask to be put on the mailing list.

If you would like more information on Community Solar, there is a public discussion on the idea tomorrow, Saturday 19 May, at 11am. Where: at the Athol Gill Centre, 100 Hodgkinson St, Clifton Hill (close to the 86 tram, Clifton Hill railway station and Clifton Hill bus interchange). For more info, click here.

More information will also be provided as this project develops… so watch this space, or better yet, jump into it and get involved. The more the merrier!


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