The Simpler Way: A Practical Action Plan for Living More on Less

By now we all understand the importance of reducing resource and energy consumption and stepping more lightly on the planet. But figuring out exactly how to do this in a consumer society can be very challenging. The Simpler Way Project, recently developed by the Simplicity Institute in collaboration with Ted Trainer, is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive practice-based resource for facilitating this transition. In short, it is a very helpful, practical guide to living more simply, which is what transition is all about.
The Simpler Way Project consists of a website and booklet which provide detailed practical advice on how to live a ‘simpler life’ of reduced and restrained resource and energy consumption. More importantly, it invites readers to contribute their own thoughts, experiences, and practical tips, so that we can all share and expand upon our collective wisdom. The Transition Movement is primarily a community-based response to the challenges we face, but that involves taking many steps at the personal level. The Simpler Way Project provides hundreds of tips to guide us in the right direction.
By clicking on the link below, we can learn from and share our own insights with the growing simple living community around the world. (You will also see this link available under the ‘simple living’ tab at the top of our Transition Coburg website.)
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